How to Setup QuickBooks Enterprise with Advanced inventory?

How to Setup QuickBooks Enterprise with Advanced inventory_

QuickBooks Enterprises is an accounting software application. It has integrated an advanced inventory management system instantly into QuickBooks Enterprises. It has some incredible features and functionality. QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Inventory tool is used for managing stock not only from many locations but also in different categories. Through this tool, the most efficient way to manage your business right in QuickBooks Enterprises. In this article, we are going to discuss how to set up QuickBooks Enterprises with advanced inventory? 

Integrated features of QuickBooks Enterprises with Advanced Inventory:

Integrated feature of QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Inventory is given below:

Pick, Pack and ship: With the help of advanced inventory tools, users can easily and efficiently manage the picking, packaging and shipping process with just a few clicks and all in one place. With just a click of the mouse, it is possible to pack an item, send it, as well as send the necessary instructions to workers, and print UPS, FedEx, and USPS from within QuickBooks.

Mobile Barcode Scanning: You can easily track the inventory with mobile barcode scanning. You can scan from anyplace with an internet connection or with a Bluetooth device and our Android app. It helps in accelerating both receiving and picking up, thus, reducing data entry and error.

Sales Order Management and Inventory Picking: Advanced inventory feature empowers the employees to prioritize the most urgent orders and fulfill sales orders accordingly, thereby bringing about customer satisfaction. This tool also helps in easy viewing of critical data such as ship date, inventory availability and value of the order, as well as, to fulfill sales orders faster with new picking processes.

Customizable List Report: A customizable list report adds flexibility and insight into the business. This allows you to track your inventory, inventory stock, assembly shortages.

Multiple Location Inventory Tracking: You can easily view and track how many items are on hand, sales orders, purchase orders, as well as your recorder for each particular location. Through this feature QuickBooks also automatically calculates which items need to be restored.

Moving inventory from one location to another: If a particular location is running low on the inventory, you can easily split or move stock from one location to another to meet the demands without delay.

Track inventory data in one location: Since advanced inventory is integrated with QuickBooks Enter; One does not need to install, learn, and use separate software. The resulting inventory data is automatically tracked from your QuickBooks invoices, sales, orders and, purchase orders.

Track Serial or Lot Number: You can easily input serial numbers and lots at the time of purchase, transfer, or sale for more reliable tracking. You can efficiently track defects through assemblies and sub-assemblies, in stock on the shelves, and customer purchases with new reports.

Barcode scanning: It is easy to scan items and serial numbers without touching the keyboard, thus increasing the reliability and efficiency of all inventory data. QuickBooks prints and automatically creates barcodes according to individual needs.

Bin Location Tracking: QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced inventory is easy and time-efficient for tracking specific inventory below the bin location level in one or more warehouses, as well as location pickup inventory and item receipts for efficient picking and stocking.

Steps for setting up a QuickBooks Advanced List

Step 1: Set up list sites.

  • In the menu list, select the Inventory Site List.
  • Select Site> New.
  • Note the required information.
  • Follow the above steps until you are down with all of the sites.

Step 2: Use the second step to track your inventory.

  • You can use a different step to track multiple inventory sites. Before using multiple inventory sites, make sure the number of inventory must be correct.
  • There are additional steps that you can take to switch to the Advanced list, which will depend on your current step.
  • You can track inventory on many sites except QuickBooks. For example, in Excel or any other software.
  • How to switch steps to track advanced inventory?
  • Create a report to identify the quantity on hand at each site using other software.
  • If you need to set up your inventory in QuickBooks Online.
  • How to use class tracking to track inventory sites?
  • Calculate QOH at each site.
  • You need to clear the item list.
  • QuickBooks must have your assembly part. Therefore, you can buy it from each inventory part or buy it.
  • This inventory section certainly represents the all-suite quantity on hand for that item.

Step 3: Set the recorder point for each site.

  • Select the inventory site list in the menu list.
  • Select set recorder pints from activities.
  • After that, select the site for which you need to set the recorder point.
  • Enter the recorder point for each site in the site recorder and choose another site.
  • Follow the above steps until you have determined the recorder points for each site.
  • Select ok.

Step 4: Shift the initial quantity of items at each site.

  • Get the list-menu and choose the Transfer List.
  • Add the correct transfer date in the Date field.
  • Add a transfer number to the reference number Field. We recommend adding setup 1 and setup 2 to these transfers.
  • From the transfer, choose the temporary inventory site.
  • Select the inventory item. For this, follow the steps given below:
  • Select individual items – choose item pairing and select the inventory item.
  • Choose multiple items – search and select items and verify that you need to move. Then select the selected item.
  • Add numbers to go to the Memo field.
  • Save and choose New.
  • Follow the above steps for each site.
  • Once you are done with all the sites, choose Save and Close