QuickBooks File Doctor Test(Resolve Network Issues)

Quickbooks file doctor test is the techniques which will help you to resolve network issues without any QBs data loss. When you encounter technical issues with QuickBooks on your desktop or laptop devices, your work gets interrupted. Although some commonly occurring problems in QuickBooks can be fixed easily, there are, however, other issues that require proper diagnosis and troubleshoot, perhaps, with the help of a software tool. One such tool that can help you fix most common issues is the QuickBooks File Doctor tool.

QuickBooks File Doctor is a diagnostic tool which can be used to fix the common issue like network connection and other minor faults in QuickBooks. The tool comes equipped with plenty of features, including ease of use and saving time. It is also used by system administrators for fixing many problems that occur in the QuickBooks program and its related services. It is a very effective QuickBooks network connection diagnostic tool. The QuickBooks File Doctor tool is used in testing your network connection and resolving problems which affect your QuickBooks.

In this article, we are going to show you how to resolve network issues with QuickBooks File Doctor tool test results. The test results section describe in detail, including resources that help fix issues in specific areas. Furthermore, if you need assistance with using QuickBooks File Doctor, our certified and dedicated QuickBooks experts at Bizimatrix can help you round the clock. Call (1-888-614-0555) to avail assistance 24×7.

When Hosting Mode is Off

You can easily access the company file from the host system or server system in QuickBooks. If QuickBooks hosting mode is off, then things will not only become difficult, but it will create other problems, too. So, it is necessary to turn on the hosting mode and if you did not face this situation, you will need to follow these requirements.

  • First, you need to map server.
  • Check if your system is set to multi-user mode. If your system is not set to multi-user mode, then set it up on your system.
  • Save your QuickBooks company file in a shared folder.

Accessing your Quickbooks files on the network requires Quickbooks Hosting to be turned on.


If you are on a workstation computer, then you should ignore this warning.

We will discuss the procedure below, which you can follow in the below section.

Turn On Hosting

Hosting QuickBooks company data files in multi-user mode

In QuickBooks, hosting can be described as the situation where the computer that is storing a company file allows the other computer(s) to access the same file over a shared network.

QuickBooks Desktop is used to manage the company file,

  • QuickBooksDB28 used by QuickBooks Desktop 2018.
  • QuickBooksDB27 used by QuickBooks Desktop 2017.
  • QBDB26 used by QuickBooks Desktop 2016.

You can find this service in User Account and under Users on your computer. However, keep in mind that the service corresponds to your version of QuickBooks Desktop.

How do you access your company files?

QuickBooks Desktop edition has three conditions to access the company files:

(a) Windows File permissions: User who is logged in must have permissions to full control, which get the permissions to view, modify, and open the file.

(b) Database Server mode: It can be used to open the company file.

(c) QuickBooks User login: Each user has QuickBooks user login ID and password.

Finally, after meeting all three conditions, you can access your company file.

Many Use suffer from the issues of Quickbooks file doctor crashes, IF you are sure then Connect with our Tech Support for quick and safe result.

Hosting Modes

Each version of QuickBooks Desktop and for each mode is set on hosting mode. When you use multiple versions of QuickBooks (2015 or later), they are used concurrently, the settings of each version are independent in the hosting mode.

Here, we use three types of hosting modes. These are Not hosting (it is also called Hosting Off), Hosting Local Files only, and Hosting Local & Remote files.

  1. Not Hosting mode:

  • QuickBooks Database Manager runs in the normal process when the windows User running QuickBooks.
  • It does not support multi-user mode. It cannot use shared memory to communicate with QuickBooks. In this mode, only the QuickBooks user can use the database server to access a file on the local computer.
  1. Hosting Local Files only mode:

QuickBooks Database Server Manager can run only as a Windows service, that is, QuickBooks DBXX. (where XX determines the numbers from 17 to 28 by the version of QuickBooks and describes under the “Hosting defined” above) and it is also for Windows user QBDataServiceUserXX (the XX being the same 2-digit number from 17 to 28 that the Windows service uses).

  • The QuickBooksDBXX service is always running while the computer is on.
  • It supports multi-user mode while using TCP/IP to communicate with QuickBooks. QuickBooks users can access company files using a database server running in Hosting Local Files only mode.
  • Local Files only mode can host those files that are located on that computer where a computer is hosting.
  1. Hosting Local & remove files mode:

  • When you are currently logged on as a Windows user, then QuickBooks Database Manager runs as a normal process. When the user logs in, then this process gets started and when the user logs out, this process also terminates.
  • It supports multi-user mode while using TCP/IP to communicate with QuickBooks. The QuickBooks users on remote computers can access company files on this computer using a database server.
  • Host files are stored in local computer mode and that file is found in remote computers and opened on the local computer.

How QuickBooks Desktop Determines Which Database Server To Communicate With?

  1. QuickBooks Desktop looks only for the .ND file. This file is a small text file with the same name as the company file and with a .ND file extension. This file is in the same directory as the company file, where there is a use of .QBW extension. It also contains the information needed to contact the server, such as the IP address and network port.
  2. Where there is a use of .QBW file, it is determined in QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. When QuickBooks Desktop finds the .ND file, it detects the company file is in use, then QuickBooks tries to communicate with the server:
  • If the result comes successfully, then QuickBooks opens the company file.
  • If the result comes unsuccessfully, then the error message that describes the steps needed to resolve the issue appears.

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When Folder Containing the File is Not Writable

It contains only in the company file and shared with other users.


If you are on a workstation then you should ignore this warning.

When there is No Network Connectivity

There is a use of at least one working TCP/IP adapter and the hostname of the local machine can be resolved. Get troubleshooting solution for various QuickBooks issues. Dial QuickBooks support number (1-888-614-0555) now.

Run ‘ipconfig’ At Command Prompt

To verify the TCP/IP configuration of your computer, you need to use the ‘ípconfig’ command-line tool. This helps to troubleshoot network problems in QuickBooks.

To run ‘ipconfig’, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click the Windows Start button.
  2. Enter cmd in the search field.
  3. Click Command Prompt from the list of results.
  4. Enter ipconfig and press Enter at the command prompt.

You can get more information about ‘ípconfig’ by typing ipconfig /? at the command prompt. Or, visit support.microsoft.com (it is not an Intuit Website).

Fix Network problem: IP reverse lookup has failed.

Click to see if Windows can produce an IP address from a hostname and reverse the process.

Fix QBCFMonitor service/QBDMgrN is not running or Firewall is blocking Quickbooks

You may encounter errors if Windows Firewall blocks internet access needed for specific QuickBooks programs or files. Updating your Firewall to the latest release may help resolve many issues, or you may need to manually configure exceptions and ports needed for your QuickBooks program.

Fix QBCFMonitor service not running:

  • Set up your Firewall to open port 8019 for the tool and Quickbooks applications on the client and server machines.
  • Make sure that the server has hosting turned on.
  • Sound the server. A sound should succeed from the client and the server.

Fix QBDBMgrN not running:

  • First, you will need to configure your Firewall to open dynamic database for the QBFD and all the QuickBooks applications. Then configure your Firewall on all client computers and your server.
  • Be sure that you have turned on hosting on the server.
  • Now, be sure that you are able to ping the server, both with IP and hostname on the server and all client computers.

You can say that QuickBooks File Doctor Test

Contact QuickBooks Support Centre Number (1-888-614-0555)

Fix network issues on your QuickBooks program effectively by contacting QuickBooks online support center on the toll-free number (1-888-614-0555). Get help on how to resolve network issues with QuickBooks File Doctor Test. Our QuickBooks experts are here to assist you round the clock.

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