QuickBooks Merchant Services is specially made for Online GST. It is software which gives you GST invoices and reports with Assured 100% data security. Easy to access from anywhere, anytime. You can also enjoy a 30- Days free trial version. QuickBooks Merchant Services is the Quick method of payment specially made for small firms/business.

Mainly customer or clients feel uncomfortable on the point of money transfer, QBs Merchant Services provides a special feature like smaller tickets values. Automatically sync the information of transaction with the bank, easy to know the previous money transfer details.

The Benefit of QBs Merchant Services(Why you need)

– Making your Payment secure and & faster.
– QBs merchant user gets a high volume discount.
– You can enjoy the extra card’s security.
– Select account, according to needs.
– Quick views of invoice details.
– Transactions with the sales receipt
– Create a category according to the classified transaction pattern(IFFO, Highest transaction).

Access QuickBooks Merchant Services In Desktop

> Start QuickBooks Desktop(you have)
> Open Company Files( linked with QBs Merchant Services)
> Go To Menu Bar
> Select the connected card
> At last, automatically connected to merchant service focus screen(Redirected page by QBs)

Access QuickBooks Merchant Services In QuickBooks online

Sign In QuickBooks online
> Select company files linked/ Wish to link a merchant service account
> Gear icon Selection
> Click on account and setting
> Select payment mode
> Pick and set up merchant service to the company file
> At last Manage the details according to your service requirements.

For human assistance related to Quickbooks merchant service you can dial our toll free Quickbooks support phone number , our experts will help  you for any kind of merchant related help.

Issues Set up

– Quickbooks Merchant service is user-friendly if feel any problem connect to umbrella term.
– For card related issues card handling services are provided by QBs.
– Get Online Team Support.
– You are free to ask any question related to QBs Merchant service.
– Option for acknowledges card installments from Phone, Online Store, Web program.
– For Merchant service you have two modes of payment, pay a month to month charge( lower rate for each exchange) or higher exchange rate(no month to month fee).
– Before subscription, you can ask which Plan is better for you.

Payment Process in Merchant Services Center

From Merchant Services Center, you can process credit card sales on QuickBooks, GoPayment, Point of Sale, or Web Store( Duration depends upon internet connectivity).
Merchant Services user can enjoy the feature of eChecks processing on the principal on the e-Invoicing feature

Credit Card payment

> Sign In with Merchant Service Center account
> Select Processing Tools and click on charge a card
> If you have Card reader then click on Click to swipe card
> Fill the required information like( Credit Card Number, Cardholder Name, Card Security Code).
> At last click on Submit.
> After the popup of The transaction was successfully processed
> Just On same display look at the bottom for options of Print, E-mail, Void, Done

Merchant services credit card processing is to easy if you follow the above guidelines, you will definitely get a good result

Merchant services credit card processing login

Merchant services credit card processing login is simple just
> login the QBs account.
> By linked email and password to merchant service.
Online payments
Accept payments on invoices with clicking on Pay now button.
Swipe customer’s card or enter credit card details manually.
Recurring payments
Monthly charge(manually)
Automatic Payment Request
On the go
Swipe debit and credit cards with our free card reader.
Over the phone
Yes! to get paid, if your customer if not a person then QBs provide option for customer’s debit or credit card to accept payment remotely.

eCheck payment
> Login (on Merchant Service Center)
> Select Check transactions on Homepage form Processing Tools Box.
> Now click on Accept an eCheck
> Fill the transaction amount
> From Drop- down menu(select Account type)
> Enter the nine-digit routing number.
> Enter routing number/ customer’s first and last name/ customer’s phone number
> Select the suitable option  I have a signed authorization / My customer is on the phone.
> After selection, enter the submit option.
> You will receive a popup “Accept an e-check.”

QuickBooks Merchant Services Support

QBs Merchant Support doing quick work for resolving the solutions of client’s issues related to payment, operation and many more.
– 24*7 support.
– Email and chat feature.
– Free to call from anywhere in the world.
– Support for every version of QBs ( desktop payment, Online payments, GoPayment).
– Setup, Issues and error processing, Funding and money movement, Point of Sale.

Quickbooks merchant services fees:

ACH transfer: $0.00
Swiped Credit/Debit: 2.4% + $0.25 per transaction
Apply Pay: 2.9% + $0.25 per transaction
Keyed: 3.4% + $0.25 per transaction

Merchant services have services fees, but people are using these because of the offer provided by QBs. Let’s Checkout the pros& cons below:

– Customization invoice is limited.
– Per- transaction fees.
– Taking time in a deposit.
– Inconsistent customer support.
– Sync your QBPOS transactions

– Flat-rate pricing
– QuickBooks integration
– Chip card readers.
– No monthly fix charge.
– Perfect for professional services.

Merchant services login portal

To get Merchant services login portal click on Login
> Login with your QBs merchant account.
> Fill Email or user ID
> Click on Password
> Remember me( For auto password store on the system)
> Press on Sign In
In case you forgot Password or ID
> Click on I forgot my user ID or password
> Redirected page ask to fill “Phone number, email or user ID
> Follow the instructions.
Easy to create account
> Click on Create an account.
> Fill your Email address
> Enter Phone (recommended)
> Set Password( Use 8 or more characters, use upper and lower case letters, Use number, & also use symbol)
> Confirm password again and enjoy your QBS account.


Q. What is QuickBooks Merchant Services?

Ans. QuickBooks Merchant Services are specially made for financial support & also help to get products targeting from accounting software to point-of-sale (POS) systems.

Q. Working of QuickBooks Merchant Services?

Ans. QuickBooks Merchant Services can be used by swiping customer’s credit card with QuickBooks Payments.
Manually enter customer’s credit card details, if the card is approved you receive money through the credit card in within 2-4 business days of your bank.

Q. Cost for QuickBooks Merchant Services?

Ans. QuickBooks merchant service cost:-
$19.95 / month + 2.70% of the transaction amount  + $0.25 cents per transaction.

Q. QuickBooks have merchant services?

Ans. Yes! QuickBooks have merchant services

Q. How set up merchant services in QuickBooks?

Ans. Set Up of merchant services in QuickBooks can be done very easily by following below tips-
Use of Merchant Service Center in QuickBooks Desktop access.
> Open your company file in your Merchant Services account.
> Go to Customers menu
> Select Credit Card Processing
> Choose Merchant Service Center
> Now automatically you will be directed to the merchant service center at Home Screen.

Q. Is QuickBooks Merchant Services safe and Secured?

Ans. Yes! QuickBooks Merchant Services is totally safe, don’t worry because we have thousands of happy customers. Security of transactions depends upon bank services. So, use QBs Merchant Services without any doubt.