QUICKBOOKS PREMIER(Control on your Business)

Quickbooks premier is one of the best-updated software for increasing business on the next level. Key accounting maneuvers are very helpful, Premier has several different versions itself. It comes in existence to reduce the data complexity of Quickbooks, for clarity of user in terms of transaction details and scheduled work.

Advantages of Quickbook Premier

* 5 concurrent users in data files can perform their work.

* Tracking of sales and back order, Live tracking.

* Separated work of measure, build assembly, inventory center.

* PO estimation changed or replaced order tracking, also check the details of the unbilled time.

* Reporting for balance sheet on the basis of class, previous reconciliation reports, business planner.

* Not any fix percentage on per item price.

* Leveled billing rate.

* Journal entries to create a  reversing entry.

* Use the filter for purchase order reports.

* Closing data notification and report.

Tasks Performance by Quickbooks Premier

Manufacturing & Wholesale:

– Track inventory reorder( report showing items that need reordering)
– Product to Track profitability( tips to know which products to promote and keep in stock)
– Priority( check the open sales orders and prioritize them according to requirement area)
Non-Profit(easy to find and pop-up):
– Statement of Donations(easy to track contributions)
– Help in a presentation to your board, major donors
– Summary reports of a donor’s contribution.

General Contractor:

– Organize your job cost( Pending Payments detail).
– Estimates and track change orders( option for order change)
– The profitability of Job( analyze cost reports on the basis of profit and loss to reduce the loss).

General Business:

– Inventory items management become easy(Quickly locate items)
– According to Class, you can set the balance sheet(Track financial data & easy-to-access)
– Bills of clients( check the bills of a client of the basis of  Job phase, or percentage completion)

Professional Services:

– Unbilled time and Expenses tracking.
– Different billing rates for employee, client, and service.
– Project and client profit details( Cost-to-Complete by Job, Job Costs by Vendor).

Retail History:
– Track sales accurately and flexible with the Sales Summary to get the details about sales results.
– Easily track inventory to say on top by setting reorder points
1 Previous reconciliation reporting
2 Price level by item
3 Reverse journal entry

Quickbooks Premier working


– You can check the details of the product.

– Invoice list of billing.

– Listing of left and invoiced products.

Current availability tracking:

– You can check the stocks supply and rest product.

– Committed product to other customers also comes in the list.

Estimate to purchase order:

Sales orders:

– Non- posting sales transaction, until invoice against it.

– Easy to know work order flow & worksheet management.

Best Feature of QuickBooks Premier(2019)

– Reports based on Industry-specific pattern.
– Easy to create sales order list.
– Tracking of costs for products and inventory, for getting more benefits.
– You can set product and service prices based on the customer.
– 5 users can access at a time.

Major bussiness point to use QB premier.
Reliable: Bank-level security and ongoing IT maintenance for business growth.
Flexible: Access to multiple locations.
Easy to Use: just upload your data and process. You can easily check the Invoice History.
Tracking of Invoice Status (Can check History{Send, View, Paid, Deposited} and the real-time visibility of invoice status to expedite collections, to be on top of your cash flow).
Transfer Credits (“Customer Payment” can be classified 1-click transfer of credits across customer jobs).
Bill Pay( Details of your unpaid and paid bills from a vendor, “Check for bills” pay can reduce the risk of economic damage.
Optimization of Data Files(You can See” Condense your company file” option from there, it become easy for you to separate the details of customer and amount of money).
Reliable Sick& Vacation Pay(Check out the” Sick and Vacation Defaults” section and track the vacation time)

Requirements Of System(QuickBooks Premier)

Windows 7 SP1, 8.1 Update 1, or Windows 10 update/version.
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or SP2, 2012 R2, or 2016
Browser Requirement: Internet Explorer 11 (32-bit)
– 2.4 GHz processor
– 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
– 2.5 GB disk space
– 4x DVD-ROM drive
– 1280×1024 screen resolution or higher.
Can also integrate with software likes:
– Microsoft Word and Excel integration(Office 365 (32 and 64 bit)
– E-mail Estimates, Invoices and other forms with Microsoft Outlook 2010-2016, Integration with QuickBooks POS 18.0.
– Transfer data from Quicken 2016-2018.


Q. What is QuickBooks desktop premier?

Ans: QuickBooks desktop premier has all the features of QuickBooks Pro and also deals with contractors, nonprofits, professional services, and retailers. This software of premier can deal with the business of medium scale industries, an advanced feature of specific reports, create sales orders.

Q. Does QuickBooks Premier have payroll?

Ans: Yes! Quickbooks pro & Premier user can use payroll but for that, you have to take an annual or monthly subscription. For more information contact to Quickbooks helpline number.

Q. Can I use QuickBooks Premier in Mac and PC?

Ans: Separately, you can use Premier in both but sometime you will face issues with mac, resolve that problem you have to contact with Quickbooks support.

Q. can I install QuickBooks Premier on more than one computer?

Ans: Yes! In multiple computers, you can QuickBooks Desktop Premier

Q. Can I go from QuickBooks Premier to pro?

Ans: No! you can’t use QuickBooks Premier to pro because the subscription is different for both the quickbooks product.
One more Point” you can upgrade company files from Pro and Premier to Enterprise Solutions (ES),  but ES files can’t be opened in QuickBooks Premier or Pro.”