How to connect to HubSpot and get deals into QuickBooks Online Advanced

Let us discuss how you can connect your HubSpot account to import deals into Quickbooks online advanced. This becomes possible only with the feature of QuickBooks Online Advanced, where you can easily download deals from HubSpot as invoices. 

You can utilize the HubSpot for QuickBooks app in order to connect with your accounts. After that, you can import deals from HubSpot into QuickBooks as draft invoices. The only you will need to care about is to approve the drafts for adding them into QuickBooks. By doing this you will speed up the sales cycle and maintain all of the information in an organized way. Now let us see how you can set everything up practically and import HubSpot deals into QuickBooks.

Step 1: How to connect Hubspot to QuickBooks

Remember that you must have to be an admin user of QuickBooks and HubSpot if you want to complete the connection successfully. If you do not have the access of an admin user, you can not establish a connection between QuickBooks and HubSpot. Now let us see the steps involved to set up a connection:

  1. First of all, log in to your QuickBooks Online Advanced as an admin user. 
  2. Next, go to the Apps section. 
  3. Find out for the HubSpot for QuickBooks app and click on the option to Learn More.
  4. Now on the HubSpot page, hi ton the option to Connect App.
  5. Follow the onscreen instruction to establish the connection between them.
  6. From the HubSpot log in page, log in as an admin. Then click on the option Allow to make a connection.

How to resolve connection errors

After connecting successfully what can you do if HubSpot disconnects from QuickBooks? Well, not to worry, simply reapest the above listed steps again to reconnect the accounts.

Step 2: How to import Deals into QuickBooks

As the connection is set up now between the QuickBooks and HubSpot. This setup is enough to get deals into QuickBooks. 

When you choose to Create new and then click on the QuickBooks invoice from HubSpot, it transfers the deal every time over to QuickBooks. And QuickBooks makes a draft invoice from the deal.

How you can review the draft invoices:

  1. First of all, open the Tasks menu. Or, even you can open View tasks from the HubSpot menu.
  2. Check out the opportunities from the Outstanding list.
  3. Go to the dropdown menu and then click on the Edit details to view detailed information. Reminder: Deals that are having exclamation marks should be reviewed. This implies that an itemm or service from HubSpot is not matching with that one in QuickBooks. 
  4. Make some changes as per the requirements. If you want to review the original deal, click on the link to the HubSpot deal.
  5. Now if you are done, click to Save. 

When the draft saves, QuickBooks will convert this draft into a regular invoice. You are now allowed to access the invoice just like other sales forms in QuickBooks.

How to disconnect your HubSpot account

In case you have to stop getting new deals from HubSpot for some reasons, you can disconnect your account, here is how to do so:

  1. Open the HubSpot menu.
  2. Hit on the Disconnect option.
  3. Now follow the onscreen instruction to complete the process of disconnection.


Set up an easy and simple connection between HubSpot and Quickbooks online in just a few seconds. But make sure that you should be an admin user. You can create a QuickBooks invoice on the HubSpot deal record just with a few clicks. Import or get this deal information into the QuickBooks fields and it is as simple as that. 

Review the status of your invoice on the deal record and send a new invoice with your work partners like a manager, accounting team, or anyone else. Meanwhile, if you need any help while setting up a connection between HubSpot and QuickBooks Online Advanced contact us at +1-877-326-5998.