Install QuickBooks Tool Hub to Fix Common Issues in QB

Bizimatrix welcomes you to continue a journey with the new topic, which is all about the QuickBooks tool hub. Today, in this article we will learn, exactly what the tool mean, what is the use of this tool, and how to download, and install the QuickBooks tool hub in a genuine procedure.

What is QuickBooks Tool Hub

QuickBooks tool hub is a complete solution to fix all types of QuickBooks Desktop issues in one place. It is the collection of different QuickBooks tools, which have their specific functions, and properties for troubleshooting processes. 

QuickBooks Desktop tool hub helps the users to finalize the network issues, server issues, company file issues, connectivity issues, password issues, installation issues, and program issues with the complete guideline process. It categorized all the issues in different sections and provided the right tool with multiple solutions for any error. 

The Download & Installation Process of QuickBooks Toolhub

QuickBooks allows its users to download, and install the QB tool hub directly without any charges. You can follow the below-given guide to install the tool in your system for the QuickBooks Desktop without facing any problems.    

System Requirments for QuickBooks Desktop Tool Hub

QuickBooks Desktop tool hub doesn’t need any special requirements to run it on the system. This tool can be easily installed on your personal computer with some common requirements. Arrange all the requirements that we have listed below, and proceed with the download procedure. 

  • QuickBooks tool hub internet connection required:- The tool needs a high-speed internet connection to download from the web.
  • Hardware:- Dual-core, and CPU processor is needed for better performance.  
  • The Microsoft.Net framework, and MS C++ redistributable package is mandatory.  
  • Using of QuickBooks tool hub Windows 10, 64-bit is suggested by intuit for fast, and better performance. (If you are using the old version of Windows then update it to the latest released version.)  

How Do I Download QuickBooks Tool Hub 

Download the tool by following the below procedure:

  • Close QuickBooks Desktop. 
  • Download QuickBooks tool hub directly, which is provided by Intuit. 
  • Choose a location to save the file, where you can easily access it.
  • If you already installed the tool hub, and now you are using the old version then updated it into the newly released version. Check for QuickBooks tools hub new version.
    • Go to the ‘Home’ tab of the tool hub.
    • You can see the detail of the tool including the version.
    • Click the ‘About’ option to view the detailed version. 

How to Install QuickBooksToolHub.exe File 

The installation procedure does not need any specific demand, so you can install the tool directly after the complete download process. 

  • Double click on the QuickBooksToolHu.exe file to open it.
  • Follow the on-screen guidance.
  • And ensure that, you agree with the terms and conditions, otherwise the installation process will be stopped. 
  • Whenever the installation will complete, double click on the icon to open it. 
  • If the icon is invisible on your Windows desktop then click on the ‘Windows’ icon, and search for the tool hub. You can see the option of tool hub, just click on it, and run the tool. 

How to Use QB Tool Hub to Fix Various Types of Issues 

QuickBooks tool hub is a handy tool, so it will not so difficult to use it. Read the function of the tool, to use it in a proper way.   

Integrated Tools in Tool Hub 

As we have informed you above, the tool hub is integrated with different tools or various issues. To make you more clear about this, we have given information in the table. Have a look;   

Types of IssuesIntegrated Tools
Company File IssuesQuickBooks File Doctor Tool
Networking IssuesQuickBooks Database Server Manager
Programming IssuesQuickBooks Program Diagnostic Tool
Installation IssuesClean Install Tool
Login IssuesPassword Reset Tool

How Intuit Tool Hub Works

QB tool hub has 6 tabs. All of these six tabs work separately according to their function type. Here we have given the detail, by which you can easily know how the tool hub works.   

QuickBooks Tool Hub Details

After installing the tool hub, if you want to get the detail of the tool then you can easily get all the information from the ‘Home’ tab. 

Fix Company File Issues

QuickBooks file doctor is available in the ‘Company File Issues’ section to fix all kinds of damaged files in QuickBooks. You can also go for the ‘File Dr. Help’ for advanced assistance help. 

Resolve Network Issues

Go to the ‘Network Issues’ tab to fix all kinds of connectivity, network, and server issue with QuickBooks. The tool hub will offer you to run QuickBooks database server manager to fix the server issue.  

Troubleshoot the Program Issues

Sometimes we are not allowed to work with a program in QuickBooks because of program issues. QuickBooks error code 6123 is one of the most visible program error in QB. You can fix these types of issues by using the QuickBooks program diagnostic tool, and Quick fix my problem.    

Fix Installation Issues

QuickBooks Desktop mostly face installation issues while updating the newly released version. Here in the ‘Installation Issues’ tab, you can easily resolve all the installation issues by using the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool, and QuickBooks fix my problem.  

Resolve Login Credential Issues

The password reset section is available to fix all types of credential issues with the password reset tool, and proper guidance. By using this tool, you can also reset your QuickBooks password according to your need. Remember that, here you must be an admin having with all admin permission. 

Get the Support 

It allows you to get support from the ‘Help & Support’ tab. It makes easier to manage the Intuit account, and can ask for help directly from Intuit. Not only that, but also it allows you to give feedback on any tools.    

Get for Advanced Support  

Advanced tools tab offers to resolve the QuickBooks common issues through the Windows shortcuts. 

Final Thoughts

So this was the article about QuickBooks tool hub. We tried our best to provide all of the detail about this amazing tool. Hope you like it. It is good to use a single tool to fix all kinds of errors in QuickBooks instead of using separate tools for different QuickBooks issues. Still, if need more confirmation, and detail about this then you can ask a QuickBooks expert with an instant response.