QuickBooks Database Server Manager (Install, Update, & Set up)


Intuit (Founder of Quickbooks) continuously research Quickbooks accounting software. Their research makes thing better in Quickbooks, and provide us simple features to handle our small business accounting. One such best feature is the multi-user mode, where the whole firm’s team members can work on the same company file simultaneously with the help of the Quickbooks database server manager(QBDBSM).

QBDBSM is a medium by which Quickbooks transmit company files over the same network. It’s a tool that allows us to access the company files from another network computer. So if you want to know how to use and install Quickbooks database server manager, then read below we have explained step by step.

Uses of Database Server Manager in QB

  • It’s is necessary for Quickbooks multi-user mode access to scan the QuickBooks company file.
  • Detect new company files automatically to examine the local storage device.

QuickBooks Database Server Manager Set up the Process:

Before beginning the establishment procedure, we recommend that experience the accompanying tips: QuickBooks Database Manager System makes Network Data records and stores the organization documents on the host Personal Computer. You ought to introduce every adaptation of the Database Server Manager if you need to utilize various renditions of QuickBooks Desktop.

  • If you are introducing various adaptations of QuickBooks Database Server Manager, it will give you just numerous variants of procedures; however, it can’t provide different forms of the product.
  • For different QuickBooks Desktop variants, you may introduce the Server Manager in subsequent requests from most established to freshest claims of every rendition.
  • All windows documents must be opened on the off chance that you approach. Windows and the Control Panel. That point, it is recorded as QuickBooks DataBase server manager, where they show the number of adjustments.
  • A client is included when the QuickBooks Database Server Manager is introduced.

How to install the QuickBooks Database Server system:

We are recommended the accompanying tips:-

  • Now, Double click the Installer for your Quickbooks DataBase server system and start the installation wizard.
    Close all other open programs and use of QuickBooks server.
    Read all the terms of the Software License Agreements. If you agree and select “I accept the terms in the license agreement”, and click Next.
    Then choose Custom QuickBooks DataBase Network Options.

And select an installation type:

  • Select I’II will be using Quickbooks on this computer. And I’ll be store if you will run—the Quickbooks program on your computer.
  • The Continue to Select Yes, and Allow access.
  • Submit your License Number and product number.
  • Follow the step On-screen instructions to Install completely.

How to update QuickBooks DataBase server manager system:-

  • The QuickBooks DataBase manager system is a few parts:-
  • Update QuickBooks Database server director:
  • Right off the bat, possibly download the fix from Update Quickbooks DataBase server manage system Desktop to the Latest discharge.

On the server, after the workstation has been redesigned on the server then you get the accompanying message: the organization document requires to be refreshed to work with this adaptation of Quickbooks Desktop.

These updates can change the Database structure than these will be brief to make a reinforcement.

When you pursue the prompts and after reinforcement is finished. You ought to have the option to open the document.

Utilize the Setup QuickBooks database server supervisor to:

You can utilize the database server chief device:

  • Sweep your envelope for QuickBooks organization documents, which should be arranged for numerous clients gets to.
  • Screen neighborhood hard drives are utilized to design an organization document naturally.

Open the QuickBooks database, server director:

  • Presently, Go to Start and choose projects.
  • Select on QuickBooks, and after that, snap-on Quickbooks Database Server Manager.

Step by step instructions to Scan your envelope Features:

  • You can Store all organization records on the QuickBooks DataBase server manage.
  • Go to Start; at that point, click on all projects.
  • Select on Quickbooks organizer, and after that, snap-on QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Pick organizer: and show which envelopes contain QuickBooks organization records. On the off chance that you don’t like sure where the documents are put away, at that point, you can choose to filter whole plates.

Include Folder:

You can Select an included envelope and snap the organizer you need to include—the situation of this organization containers that contain the record.

Expel envelope:

  • Snap-on expels the envelope by choosing the organizers that contain the organization record and select the ejected envelope.
  • You can Select on output the envelope recorded under the organizers that contain the organization document. In the wake of finishing the sweep Quickbook Company document found on that envelope.

The most effective method to Monitored your Drives include:

  • Utilize the checked determine highlights to keep the QuickBooks database server supervisor forward-thinking when you add new Quickbooks organization documents to your server.
  • Go to the Start catch, at that point, select on all projects.
  • Snap Quickbooks, at that point, you select Quickbooks database administrator.
  • Select on the checked drives tab.

How to Open QuickBooks Database Server

  • Get to the start menu.
  • Select the programs.
  • Click on the QuickBooks, and choose the “QuickBooks Database Server Manager.”

Scan your Folders

  • Click and open QuickBooks Database Manager.
  • Click the scan folders.
  • If you aren’t sure of the exact location of your company files to you can also scan an entire local drive.
  • Click scan.

QuickBooks database server Feature:

Presently, Open your Quickbooks Database Manager to decide:

  • The QuickBooks Company record associated with the server and the rundown of clients signed into each organization document.
  • The status of the Quickbooks Database server manages administration. At the point when the server is facilitating organization records, the administration ought to run.
  • You need to change the status of the administration to utilize—the administration’s Administrative instruments to design the administration QuickBooks database.

Database server updates highlight:

  • On the off chance that you can utilize the Update highlight to download updates to the Quickbooks server and to see the forms of Quickbooks DataBase Server manage.
  • Go to Start, at that point, select a program, choose Quickbook, and after that snap Quickbooks Database, server chief. Select on Updates.
  • At that point, adhere to the presentation guidelines to check for you and introduce refreshes.
  • Database server System Feature:
    On the off chance that you can utilize the System Feature to discover the System, data about the database server is introduced.
  •  Presently, Go to Start catch and select on projects.
  • Snap-on Quickbooks, at that point, you select the Quickbooks Database Server Manager.
  • When Select on the System and snap the framework data for the Personal sandal and the Computer.


Quickbooks software needs QBDBSM to run and share company files. So if you are working in multiuser mode and unable to open the company file, then you must check your QBDSM running or not. If the database server manager is not running correctly, then you may face several runtime errors in Quickbooks. After that, you will need a Quickbooks expert to resolve your issue. So always keep up-to-date with your QBDSM and make sure it’s running.