How to connect HubSpot to import deals into QuickBooks Online Advanced

Here you will get to know how you can connect your HubSpot account to import deals into QuickBooks online advanced. You can utilize the HubSpot account for the QuickBooks application in order to connect your accounts. After that, you can easily get deals from HubSpot to QuickBooks as the drafted invoices.

Here just have to make sure that approve the drafts to summarise with the QuickBooks account. This process will enhance the sales cycle and secure all of your details in an organized way. Raed out the whole blog to set all these things and connect HubSpot to get deals into QuickBooks.

There is a feature in QuickBooks Online Advanced that its user can download deals from HubSpot as invoices. In case you are running a small organization or working in sales, then you have a clear idea that it is quite simple to retain existing customers rather than acquiring a new customer.

An easier way to enhance your organization rapidly is being in contact with new customers in order to keep them coming back for more. You have options to make a collection for such new customers as contacts on a CRM tool such as HubSpot and retain a good relationship with them.

Step 1: How to connect Hubspot to QuickBooks

You must have to be an admin user for both the QuickBooks account and HubSpot account in order to build the connection between them. 

  1. First of all, log in to your QuickBooks Online Advanced as an admin user. 
  2. Then choose the Apps menu. 
  3. Find out the HubSpot for QuickBooks app and hit on the option to Learn More.
  4. Go to the HubSpot page, click on the Connect App.
  5. Follow the onscreen process to make connections successfully.
  6. Then from the HubSpot sign-in page, log in as an admin user. Now choose for Allow to connect.

How to fix connection errors

In case the HubSpot disconnected from your QuickBooks, you do not have to worry. Remember in this case you will have to follow the connection steps again and again until the establishment of the connection.

Step 2: How to bring Deals into QuickBooks

Till now you have wee seated up everything at the right place and will be ready to get deals into QuickBooks Online Advanced. 

All the time when you select Create new and after that QuickBooks invoice in HubSpot, it will send the deals into QuickBooks. Then QuickBooks will automatically make a draft invoice from the deal.

How to review the draft invoices:

  1. Open the Tasks menu. Or, open the HubSpot menu and click to View tasks.
  2. Find out the options from the Outstanding list.
  3. Click on the dropdown menu and then choose to Edit details to view more details. Note all the deals that omes with exclamation marks must require to be reviewed. This implies that a service or product from HubSpot is not matching with one in QuickBooks. 
  4. Take action for alteration as required. Now to review the main deal, click on the HubSpot deal link.
  5. Once you are done with these and ready, choose to Save. 

Once you have saved the draft, QuickBooks will convert the draft with a regular invoice. Users can treat this drafted invoice just like any other sales form for QuickBooks.

How to disconnect your HubSpot account

In case for some reason you want to stop downloading any new deals from HubSpot, here are the steps you can follow to disconnect your account:

  1. Open the HubSpot menu.
  2. Click to Disconnect.
  3. Now you just have to follow the onscreen instructions.

What are the key benefits of this integration?

  • You can add existing QuickBooks Online invoices to HubSpot, or can make a QuickBooks invoice precisely into the HubSpot deal record and immediately share your created invoice with the help of the given URL. 
  • Users can automate their outreach and can utilize new invoice deal categories to trigger HubSpot workflows that relate to the QuickBooks Online invoices. This new invoice deal features such as invoice status, invoice amount billed, invoice number, invoice recipient, or even invoice due date.
  • You can even utilize the same new invoice deal properties to make new custom reports for the dashboard of your sales that will give you clear visibility into your bottom line.


With this all in one integration of QuickBooks and HubSpot can take care of those contact for you. This will run itself every time when a new payment is signed in QuickBooks and make the appropriate contact category in HubSpot. You are provided a  feature to make custom contact properties in HubSpot and map appropriate categories from QuickBooks such as Payment Date, Payment Amount, Payment Terms, etc. When you put together all of this information, it will give you a huge understanding of each and every contact that you can make use of later.

For all these benefits you just have to connect your QuickBooks and HubSpot accounts in Make sure to turn on this integration, and save a lot of time of manual work. For more help, you may contact us at +1-877-326-5998.