Intuit Education Program

Intuit Education Program

The Intuit Education Program has been developed to advance schools, teachers, and students to advance their skills and expertise in accounting, tax, and entrepreneurship. Our program provides the use of complimentary accounting and tax software for QuickBooks products. The program is basically digital and provides good knowledge and support to the student and entrepreneur. The program offers many benefits, features for educators and students. They offer QuickBooks accounting software free QuickBooks online and a free trial version for the desktop through the QuickBooks student discount program. Here, In this article, we learn about the Intuit education program.

Gain an edge in the job market:

Learn QuickBooks Online gives you the practical skills needed for the workforce today. you:

  • Gain a competitive edge with industry-recognized skills
  • Hands-on experience
  • See Accounting Principles Brought to Life in Real-World Applications

QuickBooks Online is specifically designed to manage your accounting, including:

  • Sales
  • Reporting
  • Expenses
  • Monitoring your day to day transactions
  • Banking
  • Fast and efficient data entry

How to visit Intuit Education Program?

First of all, you should visit the official website like, After this, you have to find two platforms in registration, one is QuickBooks Online and the other is ProConnect Tax, which allows you to register by selecting Educate or Student.

Certification of Intuit Education Program

To the certification process, you have to follow three steps given below:

  1. Attend Training

In the first step, You find and register for a QuickBooks training class near you.

  1. Prepare for exam

In the second step, You have to wait and prepare for the exam and they will send you a practice question for preparation after the training.

  1. Take the exam

In the final step,  you have to take the QuickBooks certification exam and they will help you to find a certified testing center to take the exam.

What is ProConnect Tax?

ProConnect Tax is a cloud-based software that used for the courses which are tailored for teaching tax. Through this, students prepare for a career there. It is also a service offered by QuickBooks Subscription.

What is recognition after qualified?

The institution can use the software for instructional purposes only after attaining qualification with certification through certification. After affiliating the institution as public or private, primary or secondary will provide full-time instruction for education communities of primary or secondary grades k-12.

License details

They will provide a 5-month license to access the accountant desktop version of their portal QuickBooks. (2015,2017 or 2018).

The company will grant a non-removal license for Outer for Accountant desktop version 2015,2017 or 2018 for its portal QuickBooks.

The transaction will be used to license schools not installed on students’ computers.

Educators choose to the QuickBooks

Educators choose QuickBooks because digital transformation is bringing change in all industries. QuickBooks gives a candidate more experience and knowledge.

Resources as part of Intuit education

The Intuit Education Program offers a free trial of QuickBooks online to eligible individuals and institutions. And QuickBooks also offers a free trial of desktop and Proconnect tax.

Educational institutions that qualify for the education program

Faculty or staff employed by an authorized primary or secondary school, public or private university, or college, school district, or board of education.

Institutions that fit the criteria must use the software for instructional purposes only.

Eligible students include those who belong to the above-mentioned institutions.

Advanced features and benefits of intuit education programs

Prepare students for the job market

  • Possesses a competitive edge with industry-recognized skills.
  • Gain experience and fully engage in classes.
  • Accounting theory brought the application to the world in the world.

Complementary software for all students

It teaches an entire accounting or tax course, or one module in the classroom. When they register for the Intuit education program, students will have to use free software to study.

Access to complimentary resources for teachers and students

Save preparation time for classes with lecture presentations and classroom exercises.