Connect And Use Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment

Intuit’s GoPayment mobile application accepts credit card payments anytime and anywhere, with the help of a mobile card reader device that is available for iOS and Android-powered phones. The portable application provides a simple and easy process for payments made through credit cards. Thus, this saves effort and hassle for both customers and retailers.

You don’t necessarily require to plug-in the portable card reader as it is possible to scan a card using the phone’s camera. Alternatively, you may also directly key in the card details and initiate the payment process. It is a process in which your customers can pay anytime and from anywhere. After accepting payments, you send an email or text message the receipt to your customer.

Benefits of Using Intuit GoPayment

There are a few important benefits of using the Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment mobile application for your business.

  • The easy and efficient way to get paid
  • Automated payment generation into QuickBooks
  • Seamless synchronization with QuickBooks
  • Accept mobile payments and never miss a sale
  • It’s free of charge to your customers

Intuit GoPayment thus, provides significant features to businesses to serve customers in an efficient way.

Accept Payments From Customers On The Go!

Connect your card reader to your iPhone or iPad in order to swipe cards for payments. In contrast to swiping credit cards, you can scan a card with your phone’s camera, or key in the card details straight away and start accepting payments on the fly.

Get Paid Anytime and Anywhere

Allow customers to make payments right on your device with the Intuit GoPayment app. It’s quick and safe! Also, you will be able to email or simply send it via SMS to your client. Thus, accepting payment from your clients takes only a few minutes.

Get It Done Your Way!

  • Create receipts and include information such as your brand, social media links, customized message, etc.
  • Add a list of items that you sell quite often as well as incorporate prices of items, their descriptions, and snapshots.
  • Create your own quick order from items, or enter custom amounts for items.

Keep Your Business Running

  • You can easily add up to 50 users to accept payments on behalf of your business.
  • When facing any problems with payments, you can use the online service center to review, accept or refund credit card transactions.
  • Easily track your sales goals on your Gear watch and track the exact time of the day you make the most sales.
  • Having all credit card processing encrypted with the latest technology, you can work safely.

Get Started With These Three Easy Steps

  1. Install the GoPayment app on your smartphone
  2. Complete the required app installation procedure
  3. Get approval

Now, using the Intuit GoPayment app, you can easily complete transactions via credit cards within minutes.

Never miss a sale with credit card processing on a mobile device using Intuit GoPayment.

  • Accept credit card payments anywhere and at any time.
  • Accept and record all MasterCard cards
  • Carry out transactions and keep records
  • Accept all payment methods
  • Check payments

Intuit GoPayment works with QuickBooks. All group action synced with QuickBooks gets the picture purpose of sale merchandise to assist you to manage your business.

Easily lets you customize. Personalize receipts and add your logo to fit your business needs.

How To Use Intuit GoPayment

In order to start using the Intuit GoPayment app on your iOS or Android device, simply insert the card reader into your smartphone and swipe credit cards to accept payments from customers. You can also scan credit cards with your phone’s camera, or key in the card details directly to process payments.

Why You Should Consider Mobile Payments

If you are running a business where you accept debit and credit cards from customers for items sold, then you may also want to consider using mobile payments to increase flexibility.

Using Intuit GoPayment For Your Business

Follow the steps given below to start using the Intuit GoPayment app on your iOS or Android device immediately.

Step 1: Download and install GoPayment mobile application

Intuit GoPayment mobile application can be downloaded for iOS from the App Store and Android from the Google Play store. Install the application on your mobile device in order to start using it.

Step 2: Login to GoPayment application

Once installed, login to your Intuit GoPayment mobile app using your QuickBooks account login credentials.

Step 3: Start accepting payments

After successfully signing in to Intuit GoPayment app, you are all set to start accepting credit card payments from customers.

Step 4: Insert or swipe card

Simply insert or swipe cards and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. You will hear a click sound each time a card is inserted via the card reader on your iOS or Android device. Customers can enter their key, scan cards or go online to accept credit cards. Also, they can record both cheque/check and cash.


It takes only a few minutes to complete the payment process. You can also have it done in your method – customize receipts and include your own business logo, store information, links to social media as well as a personalized message. Add a list of items you frequently sell, including price, description, and photos.

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