How To Resolve Quickbooks Error 1712

Quickbooks Error 1712

Accountants require accounting software to manage any organization’s profit and loss. Hence intuit made Quickbooks for handling daily business tasks. As an accountant, they need software to organize accounting books, as Quickbooks needs Microsoft components to run its functions in any computer. So when your PC’s Microsoft components are damaged or outdated, and you are trying to install Quickbooks into it, Quickbooks shows Quickbooks error 1712.

Quickbooks install error 1712 can also occur due to virus affected pc or user aborted process of installation. So in this situation, you must try to install your Quickbooks software on any other PC; if everything is alright, then try to perform the below solution in PC that has error 1712. But first, you must know the causes and symptoms of this error. So let’s see.

What is Quickbooks And Cause behind Quickbooks error 1712

Intuit has developed a software that uses for small business account management in 1983. At that time, intuit has appointed its name Quickbooks and soon gained popularity amongst US small business owners. Earlier Quickbooks can be used only in a particular system that has user-installed QB into it. But later, intuit has launched Quickbooks online that can be operated on any PC via the internet. So let’s come to our topic cause of Quickbooks error 1712.

There are several causes behind Quickbooks error 1712 that we have shown below.

  • Your computer might be affected by viruses and malware.
  • The installation path is corrupted
  • Quickbooks registry files got damaged 
  • Microsoft components are damaged and outdated
  • The previous Quickbooks version has not been uninstalled completely.

So we hope you have also face Quickbooks installation errors due to one of these reasons. So let’s try to fix the Qb installation error.

How To Fix Quickbooks Error 1712

When you see Quickbooks error 1712 on your computer screen, you will not be able to do any task in your PC. even you cant close this error because your system will freeze. Hence you will not be capable of switching any other job in your pc. The error msg will appear like the below image.

Quickbooks error 1712

So let’s try to eliminate this popup from the screen.

Step 1 Use Task Manager

  • First got to your task manager via ctrl+alt+delete key
  • And select the Quickbooks version that you recently try to install 
  • Click on the end process and Ok to continue. 
  • Restart your PC to establish all changes.

Step 2 Change Installation Path of Quickbooks

Sometimes the installation path has affected by viruses and malware. So you can try to install Quickbooks on different locations. If you don’t know how to change the installation path, then follow the below instructions.

  • If you are using Windows 8 or 10, then type Regedit in the search bar.
  • Go to the Microsoft current version
  • Double click on the program file directory
    Quickbooks intallation error 1712
  • Then choose any drive in that you want to install your software.

Step 3 Install Quickbooks Tool Hub

Quickbooks is brilliant because it has developed a tool for fixing common Quickbooks errors. Quickbooks tool hub has several tools that help you to repair your Quickbooks and data. 

It has five different tools for resolving various types of Quickbooks errors. Like Quickbooks file doctor intuit company file issue tab, network issue tool, program problem issue, installation tool, and password reset tool. Today we will use the installation issue section, so let’s see how to fix Quickbooks error via the Quickbooks tool hub.

  • First, download and install the QB tool hub 
  • Then open Qb tool hub and click on the installation issue section
  • Now click on QB install diagnose tool 
  • And choose automatic fix Quickbooks issue
  • Wait for the process ending and then restart your PC
  • Congrats, you will now install your Quickbooks software easily.


We hope you will now able to use Quickbooks smoothly on your PC. But if you don’t want to get Quickbooks error 1712 in nearly future, then please use antivirus in your system. Antivirus helps you to keep your network secure from viruses and malware. 

And also, always use Quickbooks up-dated version or latest release version for your PC. Thanks for giving your valuable time in reading this blog. If you have any Query related to Quickbooks, then comment below.