Quickbooks Error 557

One of the powerful features of Quickbooks is Quickbooks payroll. Via payroll feature, the small business owners can easily calculate paychecks of employees. But if you are using outdated payroll features of Quickbooks, then you may get Quickbooks error 557. And because of error 557, you will not able to accurately calculate paychecks.

But if you know why error code 557 occurs in Quickbooks. Then it will be easy for you to resolve it. So let’s see complete knowledge about this error code.

What is Quickbooks error 557

Quickbooks errors are generally identified by numbers. Quickbooks Error 557 is one of them, error code is also known as a runtime error. So whenever Quickbooks gets any runtime error then Quickbooks team give his name as in number format. Like Quickbooks error h202 and Quickbooks error h505. Overall its a runtime error in Quickbooks that occurs when users use Quickbooks payroll.

Cause Of Quickbooks Error 557

Whenever any error occurs in Quickbooks, then the region behind error might have an outdated software version or corrupted operating system. But the cause behind QuickBooks error 557 is Quickbooks payroll system. And some other small factors that can be the reason behind this error. So let’s see below…

  1. Installation and uninstallation process aborted by the user.
  2. You have deleted any Quickbooks directory file
  3. Your computer system is damaged due to viruses and malware
  4. You have shut down your computer directly from the electronic board

Note: if you really want to resolve this issue then you must have activated the subscription plan of Quickbooks payroll. And you should backup your company file in the hard drive. So that when you need it then you can easily restore it.

How To Resolve Quickbooks error 557

We know your time and frustration that occurs due to Quickbooks error 557. So we decided to direct contact Quickbooks support team to resolve it. And we got the exact solution of this error code which we want to share with you.

Solution 1 Restore computer system

The restore process is a very effective process of getting lost files and folders of the operating system. So, first of all, we will do a system restore let’s see.

  • First, restart your computer and log in as admin.
  • Then click on the start button to get accessories option
  • After that select the system restore option
  • Now you can see new window where you have to choose to Restore my computer system to an earlier time
  • Then click on Next to complete this step
  • Now you have to select a restore point, this is basically a time you need to choose the most recent time to restore.
  • After that click on Next to start the restore process.
  • When it completed the process restart your PC.

Solution 2 Update all installed Software

If you have installed any antivirus in your system then update it. And along with update all installed software on your PC.

  • Go to start button and click on control panel
  • Then you will see the program and features click on it
  • Now one by one update all software,
  • After update all software you need to restart PC

Solution 3  Use Recording machine

  • First, go to the start button from the taskbar
  • And type command in the search box then press ctrl+shift key and click on enter
  • You will see the permission panel on your screen click on Yes.
  • Now you will see a recording machine that will be open with a blinking indicator.
  • Then type Regedit and press enter key from a keyboard
  • After that choose Quickbooks error 557 from the Written record editor.
  • Now click on the file menu and choose export
  • And save it where you want to save it in your hard drive
  • But first, you need to choose the right branch before choosing an export option
  • Finally, click on the Save button to complete the setup.


Quickbooks errors can become a cause of delayed work of your small business. And this can give a wrong calculation of Quickbooks payrolls so its necessary to resolve Quickbooks error 557. So follow all the above steps and fix this issue if you are still unable to fix, then contact Quickbooks Proadvisor.