QuickBooks Pro Email Setup(Stay connected to business)

QuickBooks Pro Email Setup helps you to gather information about your business in your mail. Using this software, you are many options to integrate your email with the business outlook. It is the best way to configure QuickBooks Email setup with QB Desktop and QB. Sometimes it is difficult to connect with email due to the setup, here are a few tips that help to get an instant solution. Sometimes QuickBooks freezes when sending an email. For a new user, it is so difficult. If you need any help then you want to contact Our QuickBooks Customers Support experts so you can dial our toll-free help-line number.

Using QuickBooks for your retail store or E-commerce gives you added functionality, thus, making your experience with important tasks much faster and easier. Among the several variations of QuickBooks accounting software products, we will give you an insight on how to get started with QuickBooks Pro email setup and use the QuickBooks Pro accounting tool to send and receive necessary reports without any hassle. QuickBooks Pro is an accounting software that is used by a large number of medium-sized businesses that allow handling tasks efficiently.

Configuring Your Email Service In QB Pro

When you use QuickBooks Pro on your desktop or laptop, you are also offered additional choices, such as integrating your email service using an email client, webmail or QuickBooks email.

You can set up and configure your preferred email service on QuickBooks Pro in order to allow sending forms, reports, and invoices, etc. to your employees, vendors or customers. However, if you need assistance with QuickBooks Pro email setup and usage, our experts at QuickBooks customer support center can help you accomplish this task easily. You can contact our QuickBooks experts at Bizimatrix anytime.

Benefits Of QuickBooks Email Set up

  • Estimate to your customers and easy to directly emailing invoices.
  • Via emails send payment reminders to your customers.
  • From the customers and vendors fetched the details automatically.
  • Add more attachments up to 2MB’s and you can import the data from spreadsheets.
  • To sharing reports within offices or departments QB emailing can also be used.

Email Options In QuickBooks Pro

Generally, users are provided various email options, which can be viewed by opening Preferences on your version of QuickBooks accounting software product. However, please note that certain variations of QuickBooks may not offer such options to users. In such cases, it may be required to upgrade your QuickBooks to an advanced version in order to avail of necessary features, such as QuickBooks email setup.

The various email options that users usually see on their version of QuickBooks accounting software product include:

MS Outlook/Outlook Express: MS Outlook email client support in QuickBooks is only available if you have already installed MS Outlook on your computer. This is a preferred email client integration as it provides you with the greatest degree of control.

WebMail: Webmail was introduced in QuickBooks 2011 version that allows users to connect through Gmail, Yahoo or your own web-based email service.

QuickBooks E-mail: QuickBooks E-mail is, perhaps, one of the least favorite option used on the QuickBooks accounting software product.

QuickBooks Pro Email Setup For MS Outlook or Outlook Express

If you are using an email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, you can easily set up your email account that can be used with the QuickBooks Pro accounting software tool. If you already have an email account in Outlook, it can be integrated with QuickBooks Pro through the steps provided in this guide. 


  1. Create a new MS Outlook email profile if you don’t have one. Skip this step if you already have one.
  2. Enter the required information to set up Outlook as your email client:
  • Username
  • Password
  • Incoming server type (POP3 or IMAP)
  • Incoming server address (Internet port number)
  • Outgoing server type (SMTP)
  • Outgoing server address (Internet port number)

Note: You may contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to provide you with this information.

  1. Setup Outlook. If you are not seeing Outlook as an option in your QuickBooks Pro accounting tool:

(a) From the QuickBooks Edit menu, choose Preferences, then select Send Forms.

(b) Select Outlook and click the OK button.

Now, try to send a test report or transaction to see if it is working properly.

QuickBooks Pro Email Setup For Webmail

If you use a webmail service to send and receive emails from your web browser application (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE, Edge, Opera, etc.), follow the steps given below:


  1. Open QuickBooks Pro on your desktop or laptop.
  2. Log into your account to access the server.
  3. Choose Edit, then go to Preferences.
  4. Click the Preferences tab.
  5. Select Send Forms and click the Add button.
  6. In the Add Email info window:

(a) Fill your Email Id field connected account.

(b) In the Email Provider drop-down list, select your mail provider (such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc.)

Note: The SMTP Server Details field is automatically filled and greyed out.

  1. Click the OK button.

Note: By default, your Gmail account will appear in the Email Id field and is set as the current account.

You may now send a test report or transaction in Email to make sure it is working properly.


As you may know, QuickBooks Pro offers a plethora of features to users – one of which is the quick setup as well as the integration of email with either your personal or work email address. When you are using QuickBooks, including any of its variations, you are offered many options that allow you to integrate your email with third-party email clients, webmail, or QuickBooks mail. Thus, if you are using popular email services such as Yahoo, Google, AOL, etc., and want to choose your preferred email option, but don’t know how to get it to work in QuickBooks, do not worry. At Bizimatrix, we have solutions and can help you right away!