Fix The Error “QuickBooks unable to export to excel”

Let’s talk about how to fix QuickBooks unable to export to excel. Several users face the error when their QuickBooks software application does not permit them to export information to excel. The best motive for this mistake may be that your software is not able to run the drive for your machine. This is where you can solve QuickBooks which unable to export Excel errors using the following command:

This difficulty arises when you improve your QuickBooks application. If the replacement is not successful, you are unable to export to Excel like a transaction journal or accounts that are once again obtainable as an Excel file as a document or email report.

Export to excel issues in QuickBooks

  • MS Excel software is damaged.
  • The file registry is not working properly.
  • Your QuickBooks software can be damaged.

Follow the steps to fix the issues, there exporting to excel has failed

  • Unclosed the customer center.
  • After that, you will locate the transaction in the transaction panel.
  • then, you will right-click on the transaction and you want to view a transaction journal.
  • After that, you will select a transaction journal.
  • Next, you will go to the excel button and select to create a new worksheet to export your report to excel.

File and item list need to be opened first and then unclosed your report

Only then you will be able to export the report when you open the report after being on a non-transaction form (like the file and item list of charts of accounts).

  • Firstly, you will need to went the item list after that you can open the item list.
  • If you want to open any report then you should go to the report menu.
  • Export an Excel email as an Excel email by clicking the Excel drop-down or email button.

Authorization by Export

  • Bank Transaction Export
    • When it will export into a .csv or .iif file then you can export to QuickBooks.
    • Bill Export: It will export into a .csv or .iif file, and then you can export the file to QB.
    • Calendar Export: It will export own calendar items. and you click here when you want to export your calendar to other applications.
    • Contact Notes Export: Upon contacts create in Clio, it will export a list of all contact notes.
  • QuickBooks Transaction Import

We manually enter a large number of invoices in QuickBooks every month. Extracting data from another database, which can convert data into CSV files (for import into QuickBooks only). If we only knew what QB wanted, we would be using QB Pro 2005 and Excel 2003. Anyone already does this, and there are probably some suggestions or templates that might help.

Export to Excel:

We will export to Excel by following the first steps, then discuss what problems and errors arise when exporting the report to Excel as well as how to fix these errors.

Steps of Export to Excel in QuickBooks

  • Firstly, Select the company into the QB.
  • Get to the company and financial reports and now select the profit & loss standard (In the case, It is an example of Profit & Loss standard).
  • After that, you will click on Excel and get to create a new worksheet and now click on export and files opens in MS-excel.
  • After that, you will go back to QB again and click on excel and then create a new worksheet.
  • Now, you will go to the send report to excel.
  • You will click on create a comma-separated values (.csv) file.
  • After that, click on give a file name.
  • In the last, you will click on the save.

Export Error:

If you do not succeed in exporting to Excel by the above steps and still you are unable to export files and reports, it means that you are facing QuickBooks unable to export for Excel error. This error normally occurs when we upgrade the QuickBooks software.

The following situations can cause errors during the export and import of payroll journal entries.

  • One or more accounts in a CS account use the same description as QuickBooks, but the account type differs from the type of QuickBooks CS account.
  • It does not accept accounts used for exported transactions because the CS account number is not the same as QuickBooks accounts. The IIF file before importing a transaction is that you manually add accounts to QuickBooks.
  • The account details of QuickBooks transactions do not match the details of CS. The explanation must match exactly to properly import the transaction.


  • Below are some problems when unable to export the error,
  • MS Excel software is damaged.
  • QuickBooks software is damaged.
  • The file registry is improper.
  • Sometimes QuickBooks versions are not supported in Excel version or vice versa


We share some solutions for errors, a solution is mandatory for any problem, you can follow some steps and resolve issues,

  • You will go to the customer center and unclosed it.
  • Locate Transaction in Transaction Panel.
  • After that, Choose the transaction and you will right-click it to have a see from the transaction journal.
  • Now, you will select the transaction journal.
  • And, now click the excel button.
  • After that, you will select to create a new worksheet then export the report to Excel.