Troubleshoot QuickBooks Printing Problems(Quick solution)

Having troubleshot printing problems when using QuickBooks? It may become annoying for some users when trying to print a report, invoice or transaction, etc., on their desktop via QuickBooks. Check out the best troubleshoot for QBs Printing Problems. There are several small and medium-sized businesses that use QuickBooks for generating, maintaining, as well as printing necessary financial documents, whether it’s a Windows or Mac computer. In this article, we provide solutions that can help you troubleshoot QB printing problems with ease. 

Instantly Support For Resolving Troubleshooting QuickBooks Printing Problems

There may be issues and Quickbooks error code to stop you from printing important reports in QuickBooks. As such, many users have encountered problems in the past with QuickBooks printing. If you are experiencing similar issues and seek support for troubleshooting QuickBooks printing problems, then the following guide is for you.

Because there may be different types of errors when printing from QuickBooks, therefore, it is necessary to take into account various segments such as the operating system, web browser and the version of QuickBooks itself.

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  • Why Quickbooks reports printing small?
  • Quickbooks invoice printing problems like dark and light color pages?
  • Quickbooks won’t print invoices?
  • Taking a lot of time to print the details?

Reasons for Troubleshooting Printing Problems

  • QuickBooks is not connecting to the printer.
  • It is connecting to the MS XPS Document writer.
  • Due to damaged components so it does not save your form or reports as a.pdf.
  • QuickBooks Freezes that saving pdf for synchronizing issues.
  • When printing due to the unresponsive XPS report then QuickBooks Freezes.
  • The XPS Printing Driver is missing.
  • Unable to print directly to the pdf converter.
  •  Host driver problems print in QuickBooks.
  • Due to missing components unable to complete the printing action.
  • Due to communication issues doesn’t convert to print.

Troubleshoot QuickBooks Printing Problems

If you are using a desktop or laptop that runs Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1 Pro/10 or macOS operating system, refer to the solutions given below that provide support for troubleshooting printing problems.

1. Printing From QuickBooks
When you experience problems printing reports or other documents from within QuickBooks, there are chances that you may receive an error message on your screen. The error message usually contains information that can help you diagnose and troubleshoot the problem in an effective manner. The common issue faced by QBs user is QuickBooks check printing problems

Instantly Solutions for Troubleshooting Printing Problems:

  1. Check the physical connectivity of your printer to a wall socket and your desktop or laptop that you want to print from.
  2. Make sure the printer is turned on, has enough paper loaded in the tray and the ink cartridges are not low on their ink level. Also, your computer should have detected and/or automatically installed necessary drivers for the printer to function correctly.
  3. Open QuickBooks on your desktop or laptop and bring up the document you wish to print. It is also checked the format or layout of the document meets the standard requirements.
  4. Click the Print Preview icon on the document to see how your document is going to get printed on paper.
  5. If all seems well, click the Print button to initiate the process with the default settings.

Note: If your printer is connected properly both to the power outlet and to your desktop or laptop (via USB or Wi-Fi), it should print your document without any technical error.

If for some reason, you still experience problems with printing documents or reports from QuickBooks, you can try a different solution. This is given below.

1. Test Printing Outside of QuickBooks
The next solution is to check whether your printer is able to print outside of QuickBooks or not. This will help in understanding if the problem lies in QuickBooks or your desktop/laptop, or perhaps, with your printer. Follow the steps given below to help you diagnose and troubleshoot QuickBooks printing problems:


1. Close QuickBooks and its services that may be running in the background (via Task Manager in Windows).

Note: After closing QuickBooks to automatically quit all unwanted applications from running on your computer and you can simply reboot your computer.

2. When your computer has rebooted, open a Notepad/Wordpad/MS Word (in Windows) or TextEdit/Pages (in Mac), write a line or two of plain text and click the Print button on the application.

If your printer is able to print the page, this would indicate a problem with your QuickBooks software. You can troubleshoot QuickBooks printing problems by availing assistance at Bizimatrix. Our Intuit Certified QuickBooks experts will guide you through this process to help you with troubleshooting QuickBooks printing problems.

On the other hand, if your printer fails to print from a text editor or Word document application, you may need to get additional help from your printer’s manufacturer. This may involve several stages of technical analysis, carrying out of such also requires a tremendous amount of time as well as patience. Don’t take stress because there are many QuickBooks printer repair tool, which will make your problem easier. 

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